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Goal Setting and Your Golf Game

We are heading into golf season and it’s the time for the annual New Golf Season, New Me goal setting. If you’re like 92% of New Year’s resolution makers most likely you will not be sticking with your goals throughout the season. Yes, only 8% actually complete their resolutions! So why is it that there is a high probability of these goals failing?

First, they are too broad. How many times have you set a goal to lose weight or shoot lower scores? Both are great resolutions/goals, but they are not specific. Do you want to score a shot lower? Or do you want to shoot 10 shots lower? The more specific the goal, the greater the chance of succeeding.

Second, your resolutions need to be realistic. Someone that has never broke 100 probably shouldn’t set a goal of breaking par. Now there might be a minimal probability of that happening (we do have erasers on our pencils), but that is not realistic. Breaking 90 would be both attainable and realistic. This goal would keep your motivation high throughout the process and keep you focused on the task at hand.   

Finally, there needs to be a plan on how you are going to reach your goal. Saying that you are going to practice 3 hours a week is not enough to be considered a plan. You need to really look at your goal and decide what you need to work on most to make a significant improvement. Working on fairway bunker shots probably isn’t high on areas where you need to spend the most amount of time. You might struggle out of them, but how often are you actually in a fairway bunker? Avoiding 3-putts, taking two chips to get on the green, and avoiding penalty shots should be high on your practice.

If you can make a specific goal that is realistic, you will have a much greater chance at succeeding. Take the time to plan accordingly. You want to make the most out of your practice sessions. You can improve a lot quicker with a focused 30 minute practice session then you could with a mindless 2 hour session of hitting ball after ball. This summer we will be offering a Thursday Night Practice Session where we will cover how to practice properly so you can improve your game. We will supervise you while you complete a set plan each week or if you are already part of our coaching programs we will supervise your prescribed session. This year will be the year of low scores. #LoafGoals

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