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Ball Position in Chipping

I had a discussion with a member the other day about ball position when chipping so I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone. I firmly believe that ball position should not be too far back in your stance for a basic chip shot. There are times and certain shots that call for a ball back position but with a basic chip shot you should play the ball more toward the center of the club. Let’s dive in.

When you have a ball position too far back in your stance, your hands will be ahead on the ball. If those hands are too forward, you create a steep angle of attack and deloft the club greatly. These two characteristics will make it difficult to be consistent around the greens because the ball will have a lower trajectory and it is difficult to create any spin from this. It is extremely prevalent when you are chipping out of the rough. You either will get the club stuck in the rough and won’t be able to carry it far enough, or you will have to put more effort in and will hit it way past the hole.

Face on view of hands to far ahead. Creates too steep of an angle and is difficult to control distance.

There are certain situations that call for a low running shot. I like using the low runner when I have plenty of green to work with and need it to carry a little ways before rolling out. If you were to set up for the low runner, I like to have the ball back, hands ahead, and club more upright. Typically, when your hands are ahead of the ball, the start direction will be more to the left which a more upright set up allows for the start line to be on the intended direction.

Down the line view of the low runner. Club more upright, ball back in stance.

For a basic chip shot, I like to have my ball position in the center of my stance with very little shaft lean. My goal is to let the bounce and weight of the club to get the ball in the air. This allows the ball to have a higher trajectory and a more consistent release.

Face on view of basic chip shot. Ball in center, hands just slightly ahead.

If you struggle with your chipping, stop by the shop and schedule a lesson. See you on the links!

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