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Busting Myths: Hitting Down

So one thing I want to occasionally do is bust a few myths (or really swing thoughts). We here them all the time; keep your head down, tee it lower when you’re into the wind. These sometimes just don’t make… Continue Reading…


Practice? We talkin’ about practice!

This past Thursday we started our Supervised Practice Sessions. Our goal is to improve our golfer’s practice habits. We want them to be able to get the most out of their practice sessions. There are too many golfers that go… Continue Reading…

Ball Position in Chipping

I had a discussion with a member the other day about ball position when chipping so I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone. I firmly believe that ball position should not be too far back in your stance for… Continue Reading…

Putting and Scoring

If you were to ask me how do I quickly improve I would tell you distance. Statistics show that the further you hit it off the tee, the better chance you have of hitting greens in regulation, and the better… Continue Reading…

Do You Have a Course Strategy?

I wrote about goal setting last week and want to continue my thoughts on planning. Planning is not just good for the practice area, it is also really good for the golf course too. How many golfers actually have a… Continue Reading…

Goal Setting and Your Golf Game

We are heading into golf season and it’s the time for the annual New Golf Season, New Me goal setting. If you’re like 92% of New Year’s resolution makers most likely you will not be sticking with your goals throughout… Continue Reading…

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